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Welcome to our love of and dedication to making a purely natural, vegan bar of soap and body care product with organic ingredients. Wandering Goods products are a locally made handcrafted  line of bath & body care for each and every individuals wants or needs.  Knowing just how important the bathing experience is, we also keep in mind the skin condition of our customer.


Making bath and body care with a purpose has become our reputation. Dedicated to being your source of soap and body care, we want to continue a consistent pattern for all we share our products with. Our inspiration and endless creativity has us loving what we do. Respecting environmental consciousness and our carbon footprint keeps the emphasis on what is going down the drain as well. We make sure to never forget the most important ingredient to our product, LOVE. 

                                                 Feel free to wander around for something good.

                                                           Organic Arnica with Organic Olive Oil

SOLAR infused salves

We've introduced our new line of solar infused salves & massage oils:
Arnica Salve, Healing Salve & Arnica Massage Oil.

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Natural harvesting is something we LOVE to do.